Macdill AFB Housing

 Avenida Suites is proud to welcome and care for military families in need of MacDill AFB housing.  A family owned and operated business, Avenida Suites has roots in the Military.  Owner/proprietor Dan Gorman is a disabled Marine Corp Veteran. He and his wife Claudia met while he was stationed in Rio de Janeiro.  Their life in the military makes them uniquely skilled to navigate the MacDill AFB housing market.  Be assured that Avenida Suites will expertly help you settle in your MacDill AFB housing selection.

In the past, you may have been subject to sub-standard accommodations.  At Avenida Suites, we promise to provide the best MacDill AFB housing, for the best, most dedicated military professionals in the world. You will be given a housing allowance as always, but the amount will be specific to the area.  To get an idea of the per diem you may receive visit rates look-up.  Please call and talk to our caring, professional team and let Avenida Suites arrange for beautiful MacDill AFB housing for you and your family; and even your pet! The call and quote are free, 800-618-1532.

Our military families are our family.  And as such, Avenida Suites will treat you as we would our own family.  You may be required by JFTR APX A to reside in MacDill AFB housing, but in many instances, there are no vacancies.  In that case, a ‘statement of non-availability’ will be required per JFTR U1045C. Then, Avenida Suites will be exactly who you should turn to.  Dan and Claudia have been in your shoes and are committed to make your MacDill AFB housing move to the Tampa Bay Area smooth as silk.  More information on the steps to follow in preparation for your move can be found at travel regulations.

If this is your first TDY in the Tampa area, you will be amazed at the beauty of the beaches and the vast amount of recreational activities on your doorstep.  The MacDill AFB housing experience brings endless opportunities to explore historic Florida locations, art and theatre, and great family entertainment venues.  Just minutes from your new home you will discover Busch Gardens.  This is an incredible, world-renowned zoo, plus amusement park, plus brewery.  Avenida Suites is eager to share our community and all it has to offer, and our team will help guide you every step of the way.  The options are endless, learn more about your new city at visit Tampa , and then make a list of everything you want to see.

Tampa may already be one of your favorite assignments.  Dan and Claudia certainly agree with you, that’s why they chose to make it their home.  And, why all of the accommodations at Avenida Suites are designed, furnished and maintained with the highest standards.  Your MacDill AFB housing location is guaranteed to be the greatest living experience you will ever have.  Start your booking process now by completing the reservations form on our contact page.